Hey guys,

I'm 23 just dropped out of my business degree and looking to start a new fulfilling career in electronic engineering. In essence, I'll start age 24 with a new degree and graduate at 27. I've had a consistent education scoring well in Mathematics and I've read all the main books regarding The Game, MM, Pual Janka, Jugglar, Stephen Nash which got me into a relationship in a relationship at 19, but that was when I was a ambitious teenager, heading off to uni, it helped I looked good too.

I'm learning to trade in the stock market as a source of income and looking to set up a business this year at 24, so there are resources there and potential, but the degree is the biggie to commit anything long term to a male.

SO: I'm ambitious, I'm intelligent, I am considered good-looking (one of the reasons for getting in a previous relationship) I have good convo and social skills, I'm grounded with good qualities, I can cook, I travel with my family once a year. AS stated, the degree seems to be the biggie with females who want relationships.

I know women look for alpha signs such as behaviour and subcommunications also I'm fairly comfortable going up to a beautiful women and saying my stuff. HOWEVER:

Now, I feel women of the same age (23) who are starting their careers may not think I'm equal and females who are younger (19) are starting uni may look down on me. I believe older women than me (2-3 years older) may want security. I'm feeling really bad.

WHAT are my chances of attracting and being in a sold relationship with same age, younger and older women based on my situation?

Advice appreciated,