Hey, I'm pretty new to this stuff. Read the game, and some more stuff online etc you know how it goes. So I have been trying to practice some of the theory.

I met a girl on an online dating site, we went to a local bar, she was cute fun the kind I go for. Im not bad looking and reasonably confident.

I had a good night, chatted tried a bit of Kino but when I did she wasn't too receptive. We went to a few bars and I tried to escalate but really struggled to get her into me and get any IOI's out of her. We both had quite a lot to drink and it was still difficult but we didnt leave till 3 am when we met at 8.

She got a taxi home, no kiss or next date planned. I text her to check she got home safe then the next day saying I had fun and a tease of her then she came back saying she had fun but no connection.

This has been nagging me since. How do I build that connection as I was trying damn hard to escalate etc?! Is there any way to salvage it now by text or call?

Also is anyone about north London with a bit of experience as I keep hitting walls to go and practice?