I moved out of state and My former co worker is 6 months divorced and has told me she hasnt dated anyone. She's 41 with two kids and I know hasn't been with a lot of guys. We almost made out once a while ago on a business trip but her married guilt got the better of us. She has told me she wants to bang a black guy (Im not) but keeps flirting with me over texts. Last text was that she wanted to get 'her fix' of me but that 'we are not going to have sex unless you are black'. Im in town next week and want to close the deal, I was thinking I should leave my hotel room key in an envelope under her door and a note saying to come over on Wed at 8pm and sign it Idris Alba (a black actor she says she wants to bang). She'll know its me and I figure that is a sure way to bang her if she really wants to. Suggestions? Thoughts?