Hi guys messaging this girl ive knew for a while now but shes single now so started chattin on facebook coz i seen her out at the weekend at a club. She actually hugged me everytime she saw me that night lol anyway heres some of the convo and let me no how i am doing? bearing in mind Ive only started a week ago so i epect criticism.

Me- well ur still a trouble maker until u prove me wrong well why dont we play a game to get to know each other better lol ( teasing her about a fight that happend at th weeknd and sayin she was involved but wasnt)

her- how am i going to do that? your nuts! go on then

me-right i will ask you something and u have to rate urself out of 10 then vice versa.

her- hmmm dont know if i like where this is going lol wel see how it goes ha

me- Well r u good at cutting hair? ( her job )

her- out of 10? ..11 ha . how good a mail man are you?

me- u think so? he ...me..am 1st class haha

her - would i lie? ha...on no doubt lol

me- duno..how good a liar r u?

her- i wouldnt say i was a liar

me- so u wud rate urself 0?

her- il go for 5

her- er..r u a good liar.r u fighter? ha

me-i wud say i am a 5 to. we have something in common ha i can fight sleep thats it ( first thing that came to my head, sounds dumb now lol )

me- i only get involved if its friends dont go lookin for trouble

her- yeh i dont either

me- apart from saturday night :P r u a good kisser?

her- i dont know ul have to ask some1 i have kissed. ha i had nothing to do with that fight saturday stop noising me up boyy lol

me- u must have an idea? well uve just got that bad girl look about you

her- you've gotta be th first person to ever say that.. ha i dont know if thats a good or bad thing

i havent replyed yet as am kinda off stuck.

So how do u think i am doing?