I was out with 2 of my friends Friday night, Matt and Ryan. Both single guys and so we were out just to have fun and if we ended up talking to chicks that would be a bonus.

I told them the mission was to convey fun and laughter. All was well until 2 hours into our night I get a text saying an old childhood friend was in town. Nora was visiting her parents from out of town and was down at the local bar. I asked the guys if they wanted to go pay a visit to her and Ryan's eyes lit up!

Long story short, we stayed at the local bar for an hour and decided to hop to another bar like we had planned all night. Ryan got Nora's number and I got it because we had lost touch (totally platonic relationship).

Couple hours later at a karokee bar we saw one of our friends who was at the local bar and told him that we were going to go back because Ryan wanted to talk to Nora. He said Nora had left already and went home.

Ryan heard the news and was devasted. His attitude went right into the gutter. I did all I could to perk him up but instead he got mad and blamed me and Matt for making him leave the local bar. I told him he he's a grown man and he could have stayed and met us out later and he replied "Well, I didn't know that was a choice."

At the last bar I opened a set and Matt worked his way in nicely. I left after Matt took over and tried to pump Ryan up and told him he could go and be a wing for Matt since the other girl was just sitting there. Ryan would have no part in it. He sat there and ignored me. So I winged for Matt and he got the #.

Any ideas how I can help Ryan? Or is it best to just leave a guy like that at home if he just can't get his head straight?

I mean, Nora gave him no IOI's. Ryan thought she did by giving her number to him and all I needed to ask him was:

"If that was an IOI, than did she text you to let you know she was leaving the local bar? Or if she even wondered where you were? No, she didn't. Sorry man. Can't put all your eggs in 1 basket. There's 6 billion women in the world and you didn't even know Nora was in STATE until I told you a couple hours ago. Don't get so hung up on her for nothing."

Any help would be appreciated.