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    Default Help with dating an old friend!

    Ok, so there's this HB10 that I've known for years... but I had a gf the whole time I've known her. I've been single for the last 2 months now and I was thinking about asking her out. We have a very flirty friendship and stuff has nearly happened a few times... I restrained myself being the faithful chump that I was ... bitter much ha!

    Anyway here's my dilemma we don't live that close anymore, shes around an hour away and our friendship groups don't intersect so its unlikely that I would bump into her naturally...

    When we left uni she also got a boyfriend but I don't know if they are still together? I've had a shameless stalk on the FB and there's no pictures of him for the last 6 months... but who knows?

    If I do go for it how do I re-engage/ find out if she has a bf? AND avoid the friendzone?

    I was thinking of telling her that I had a date where she lives and ask her if there were any good places to go, then ask her about her love life as part of the casual convo. Good idea?

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    Default Re: Help with dating an old friend!

    Ergh. Here's a tip: learn to summarise what you say.

    Aside from that, BF or not, ask her out, and then game her.

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