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    Question Ex is sabotaging my dating efforts

    hi guys,

    i need some advice with a girl which i think is very much into me, but my ex is trying to sabotage what’s going on.

    The issue is that the girl is friends with my ex, not very close friends, I actually know the girl better, but close enough so my ex can pull the guild card on her.

    My Ex complained to her that the girl and I talk too much to each other and that it makes her feel sad and jealous as she is not over me.

    Ever since she is is not really engaging in conversations much anymore. We went from flirting everyday on email and text down to almost not talking at all. Although she still response to messages when I text her, it’s not turning into a fun flirty conversation anymore, she always used to respond in minutes or even seconds, now its hours if she responds at all.

    I called her out on it and she just said she is worried how my ex feels.

    I am also suspecting that my ex is telling her little stories, like “oh we are trying to work it out”

    This whole think really pissing me of, even if she wouldn't turn out to be gf material she would be an awesome friend to have.

    I am not sure what to do, number one priority for me would be to see if she is GF material. But With my ex trying to mess it up I am not sure what to do.

    any advise would be much appreciated

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    Default Re: Ex is sabotaging my dating efforts

    All you can do is tell your ex that the way she's behaving is immature, controlling & manipulative... and that she's a better person than that, to be acting that way.

    You need to be calm & keep your cool & not let your emotions get worked up. It has to be strictly "matter of fact".

    She needs to recognize what she's doing is wrong, so that she genuinely feels bad about it & will hopefully grow up & stop.

    That's about all YOU can do... because ultimately, SHE is the one in charge of & responsible for her own actions.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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