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    Default I've hit a wall in my game: Need help progressing

    So, I'm fairly new to the whole PUA stuff, but I've been making rapid progress (going out every night and day will do that to you).

    However, I seem to have hit a wall. I generally get numbers everytime I go out

    The problem is, these numbers are practically useless. I might as well have not asked them for their numbers. My number>date conversion rate is abysmally low.

    And the problem keeps persisting. I would make a great impression on a girl, get her number or get her to text me her number, and then poof, radio silence when I text her.

    I managed to revive interest a few times, but it fizzled out again without us ever meeting.

    I sarged a HB8 at the bookstore yesterday(she works there), she literally forced her number on me. They're not supposed to hand out their numbers so we ran around looking for hiding spots since each time, some staff member was walking in our direction. Fun times. Anyways, texted her today, RADIO silence.

    Same thing happened today to a HB9 I sarged in the metro. Awesome convo and vibe, but I had to get off, went for the MM #close, "what steps could we take to continue this conversation", she gives me her number. I text her a bit later saying blabla, this is XX, save my number. RADIO silence.

    Maybe I should be calling instead? It seems like it'd be easier to build rapport and set something up on the phone

    Anyways, I don't know what to do here

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    Default Re: I've hit a wall in my game: Need help progressing

    it looks to me like you need to keep that same vibe you had in the actual convo in your texting convo. i like to text girls as soon as i get their number and use some powerful push/pull in the text convo (wich starts as soon as i leave her alone) its what i coin as the "insta-text" by texting her as soon as you get her number, you ensure that you can countinue your convo via text and set up a date before she forgets meeting you.btw be sure to mention something from your previous convo in your first text ( a nickname you gave her will work wonders) be sure to keep her ingaged in the convo and tease her in every sure to keep your texting convo's light and flirty.

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