So I met this girl at work recently and she seems to giving off good vibes in general. For example, she would playfully make a joke about me when I screwed up at work, she randomly just playfully side kicked me one day and offered me a ride home one day (I'm a student). The next day she finished early and I'm pretty sure she waited for about 5-10 minutes for me to finish up so she could drive me home. She initiates conversations with me when I had nothing to say back as well and laughed at my jokes.

One negative thing that I found was that I asked her if she was going out to bars and such one night but she quickly said no but the next day she was talking about how she went out. Don't know if this matters though.

This has all happened last weekend so it's pretty condensed.
On sunday night she found my number through work and texted me about work related stuff and it was a quick and serious conversation but I don't know if she had any other intentions with it.

Today I started texting her and we were talking about food and I said how this one local place has this really great dish. She never replied back after that. It was a good conversation, she even negged herself once and I know the general concepts of texting and not acting like an AFC.

Can anyone tell me if she was just being really friendly or what the deal is lol... I know the description is kind of general but I just want to know if she is interested at all or if she's just an outgoing person.

I'm not gonna text back anything today and will probably wait until our next shift together to interact with her. Is this the right move? I won't be working with her till the weekend.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and let me know if you still have any further questions.