so today i see one of the girls i liked from back in hs on POF i sent her a message n we had a pretty good conversation its still goin actually lol so far this is how it went but idk wat to really say next :

ME: What high school did u go to cuz u look very familiar

HB7: In ***** city?

ME: Yea

HB7: ST**

ME: BINGO lol u dont remember me do u

HB7: No lol

ME: Its ok i was always the low key type lol We had a few classes together in high school

ME: N i never forget a beautiful face


HB7: Lol. I think I changed since then... But thanks. I was only there for a year

ME: Lol we all changed since then but some people u just cant forget......but yea i remember u wasnt there long...but they ended up shutin down after that so u didnt miss much lol

HB7: Lol... Do you remember my name

ME: Ummmmm lol it did it start wit a c

ME: Did i get the first letter wrong lol


HB7: Lol it did start with a c

ME: Hmm then it is *******

HB7: Nope lol

ME: Lol **another name** lol

HB7: You lost points lol **she gave me her name**

ME: Lol i was close....oo so we keepin points now lol so i guess ill take points for not rememberin me lol

****that last part was sent 15 or 20 min ago*****

sorry that i posted that whole message just wanted to see how i was doin....any tips or your input on how i can go next if she dose answer would be very appreciated