Hey guys,
So I've been talking to this girl for about 4 months now, mostly over text. Met her in a class im taking at my college and we hit it off. over text ive given her nicknames made her my sugar momma, and got some really good connection with her. there was definitely attraction starting off as well. made her work for my approval and everything. She was never that big of a priority so i never moved her out to an actual date, although we did make plans and she even invited me out a couple times as well but i was always busy.

Today, sort of jokingly, after she won my affection with the perfect answer to a hypothetical proving she is kind and loyal, i asked "great answer! Are you honestly still single? haha" to which she replied "no if only i was you would be first on my list. Promise"

Up to this point i had only seen pictures of her with a guy on facebook and even her facebook status say shes not in a relationship. (dont know if this really matters)

I replied with "well it sounds like im breaking somebody up. Lol how long has this been going on?" she replied "well to be blunt you never asked "<--- (smiley face? wtf)

I then said " your boyfriends fine with you being flirtatious with other guys?" to which she said "no, but i like you and thats bad" a second later "im not doing anything bad" another second later she says "maybe we should stop this then."

I retorted with "Psh i should have known you were a player. haha obviously i like you too. you cant just pull that ish on me. Maybe we should discuss this over coffee"
(thinking i jumped the gun, as im looking at it now i probably shouldnt have said i liked her but it felt right in the moment)

she says "obviously its not right and no im not a player, im honest and would you rather me lie, you asked and i answered" I told her i saw a pic of her with a guy but didnt think it was serious given the circumstances. she didnt reply.

MY QUESTION NOW is where to go from here? boyfriend destroyer? i mean how good of a boyfriend is the guy that his girlfriend has to flirt with me all the time.

I've really grown to like her but dont know if i should persevere just yet. I would like to be in a relationship with her easily but now im beginning to feel a bit played. Any suggestions would be awesome. thanks ahead of time