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    Cool The women in Vecen's life

    Greetings one and all (you're not all secretly the same person are you?)

    I am at the present time gaming 3 women, and hoping to get over my fear of another. Here's the situation in a nutshell:

    1. An HB7.5. Very cute. For a time 2 weeks ago she was giving me IoIs and whatnoit, but I didn't pull the trigger due to a misunderstanding in my training (Oh so you can still go over to her dorm and ask her out as long as you entered without her inviting you.). She is now somewhat cold towards me but I still have some social proof around her.

    2. An HB6, lots of IoIs but is currently enmeshed with my social circle, I don't really feel that much attraction towards her so I plan on keeping her as a friend.

    3. AN HB 7.5, A dancer who sends me IoIs but earlier on had broken up and publicly stated that she felt she was not ready for a relationship yet.

    And finally, there is a HB 9, very nice rack, whom I asked out (before I learned PUA) I got friendzoned, but then I was needy and contacted her to much, she ignored me and in anger I defriended her from Facebook (ah, my total AFC self...) I would now like to approach her agian but when I see her she gives me 'that' look, so Is there a routine I can use to get past it?

    As usual, Any sacrifice to the advice gods is much appreciated. Vecen Out
    "My enemies are advanced, bold, intelligent and powerful. But I am evolved"

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    Default Re: The women in Vecen's life

    If you have truly changed then use those changes in yourself(confidence, etc...)and in your life(social proof,etc...) to get her to chase you! The change will be apparent to her more so than you! I hope this helps btw this is for the HB 9.

    No real comments on anyone else because it seems to me you need to figure out what you want to do with them either friend or something more. The HB 9 was the only one that you seemed to be interested the most.
    Take her off that farking pedestal!

    “The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.”
    ― Flannery O'Connor

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