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    Question I'm out with a girl, and run into another girl I'm dating. Now what??

    I'm going out with a girl tonight (Girl A), and meeting her at a bar for some drinks. There's a chance another girl (Girl B) that I'm dating may show up there too. How do I handle this if it happens? It's my first time going out with "Girl A." But, Girl B, I slept with on our second and third dates. I've seen her a total of 5 times over the past 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure Girl B wants a serious relationship, but I have no interest in that with her. It's not a huge deal if either one flakes out and hates me, but I'm wondering if there are any tricks for dealing with a situation like this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: I'm out with a girl, and run into another girl I'm dating. Now what??

    yeah the best trick is to be honest with both of them and let them know that you have relationships with more than one woman at a time. or if you want to be a dishonest b!tch you can just tell girl (b) that girl (a) is just a friend of yours. but dating more than one woman has the consequence that they will eventualy find out what you've been doing and they will both leave you if you don't cut one loose before they figure it out. i think being honest is the better thing to do in the long run (even if they both leave you as the result of your honesty) at least it will keep them from hating you for the rest of your life.

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