Hey Guys,

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have basically shot myself in the foot repeatedly with this girl who is obviously interested in me but I am giving off mostly all the wrong signals.

The background:

I met a girl in class about 3 months ago and she got really interested in the start. I wasn't sure if she was interest in me, so around 2 months later, she lost interest in me and basically when I asked her out OVER TEXT to get smoothies with me (bad idea), she questioned why I wanted to and basically called me out. I then decided to look for greener pastures and within a week or so she comes back wondering why I was not talking to her anymore.

What happened:

The attraction seemed to peak two days ago in class when she was giving me all sorts of IOIs in class. After class I didn't speak to her so in an effort to try to reconnect with me, she shoots me a text 15 minutes after class.

Being an idiot, I return with several boring texts and she instantly goes cold in the emails with her not responding to my last text. This was the last class of our semester and after this we have about 2 weeks before we all go off onto a month of winter break.

Being an even GREATER idiot, I decided to call her today on a Friday (bad move) trying to ask her out.

*I call her at 7 pm, no one responds, so I wait. She then texts me:

Her: "Hey! I just finished eating! What's up?

I then shoot a text saying:

Me: I was gonna ask you something, pick up! :P

I also call her again.

She then doesn't respond for about 1 hour and so then I decide to go do something else.

Funny thing is, she turns on read receipts so I know for sure she was busy during this time and didn't get a text because she didn't have her phone.

She calls at 10:30 and at this point I am not there to pick up the phone.

I quickly call her again and say that:

Me: Was outside, left phone

I then wait another 1.5 hours (12 am) and still see that the read receipt hasn't changed, meaning she was legitimately busy.

I decide to save my face and text:

Me: Hey, I am actually gonna go out tonight, I will talk to you later.

I see that she reads this message much later (1 am) and she doesn't text anything back.


She went cold probably because of my boring texts and given that she was still very interested in my about 2 days ago, do I still have a chance?

Should I lay off for a few days before asking her out again?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.