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    Question After Prom apologize

    I run track, and last year (my school has a junior prom) a girl asked me to prom. I knew her as just an in-school friend and not incredibly well. The time in between her asking me and prom was slightly awkward. To quote one of Ze Frank's youtube videos "I know I can be awkward, especially when i give a sh1t" When this girl was just a friend, I had no problem talking to her, but as soon as she became possibly more than that I didn't know what to say around her.

    Once Prom came around, it got worse. I did talk to her some, and we did dance a little (although im pretty bad at dancing). But there kept on being these times when I would either not realize a situation, or just be completely oblivious. For example, at one point, me, her and a friend walked out onto the balcony of the hotel prom was at. My friend went Inside so it was juts me and her. I realized how key this moment could be: me and her, on the balcony, alone, at prom, looking across a lake with stars. But I didn't know what to say, and it seemed like she didn't either, so I just asked her if she wanted to go back inside. There were other times like this, like the dead silent ride back from prom, and after prom, where I pretty much ignored her and just messed around with my friends.

    It wasent that I was trying to ignore her, I really wanted to talk to her, and I really loked her at this point, but I just never knew what to say, and she was being really quiet, so I guess it was just eiser to hang out with my other guy friends.

    Now It's senior year and track season. We both run the hurdles, and are some of the only seniors on the team. We still talk, but its awkward, and always with someone else around. I am wondering if I should apologize to her for the way I acted during prom. I glad she even still talks to me after how much of a d1ck I was, and I dont want to make it even more awkward by bringing up prom. I want to be friends with her, and I don't want to make it more awkward, but I feel like its the elephant in the room every time I talk to her, and I want to apologize. What should I do, would apologizing make it worse, or better?

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    Default Re: After Prom apologize

    There is nothing wrong with apologizing if you acted like a dick for no reason. That being said it all depends what your intentions are with this girl. She probably did like you hence the reason things became awkward at the prom. It will probably make you feel better by talking to her about it so I would go for it. You need to be a man about it though so call her up, tell her you need to speak to her about something and set up a time and place you 2 could be alone. When you do speak about it try make it funny. That way it wont be so awkward. Chances are she has been waiting for you to do this ever since it happened.

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