I wouldn't read too much into this yet... They are IOI's but not strong ones. She could be angling you into the friend zone.

I will continue to say that the route to getting an ex back is to act as though you are not interested and push them away; let them do the work.

One of the things that worked very well for me was being very blasť about her texts and responding with boring lazy one word answers if that. After months of this she got really angry and call me to yell at me, after putting the phone down on her twice, I started laying on the guilt and getting a bit explosive. I told my ex that what she did (cheating) was disrespectful and disgusting and she had no idea how painful it was but, and here's the crucial bit, added at the end that I was moving forward with my life.

I was too much of a push over in the past, and I have learnt not to take any shit from women anymore. This little speech ended up with us sleeping together, twice and her asking me to get back together... I've told her I'll see how I feel in 6 months as I'm enjoying being single... I don't hate her anymore, but I won't go back at least not for now.