Well if you look through my previous posts id taken a girl out id knew since school we were getting on really well untill all of a sudden she went cold. I think it shown some AFC ways grrrrr (still learning).

Anyway she stoped replying to my texts so i left it 4 days and sent a T-mal text about nothing we had spoke about at all guess what no reply so i decided to cut my losses and ditch her. We'll call her alice.

I go out clubbing on staurday and she is there. im Just chilling to start with and i move away form my group of freinds to go and see a HB9.5 Co worker, shes stunning but co workers are a big no no. Anyway alice and her freinds move from there table and sit next to my freinds. I notcie this and just stay with HB9.5 shes out with her freinds and we decide to do shots etc so im doing shots with 3 girls two HB8 and then HB9.5.

I notice alice near me at the bar so i smile at her and she winks at me which i thought was wired. I return to the group of girls and invitre my freidns over so where having a great time and my close freind whispers in my ear "oooo alice is staring at you dont turn round"

According to hb9.5 alice kept glancing over for a good hour while some d1ck was trying it on didnt phase kept my game cool and chatted to the girls and my freinds.

We left and alice was in the next venue. Her freinds talk to me and i ask how they are as i hadnt seen them fro afew weeks. Alice totally ignores me and i say hello she ignore and i laugh she then goes

"im sick of everyone being a complete d1ck to me" gives me a horrible look

My reply very beta i know "hope you arent calling me a dick"

She then goes

"no not at all......striker you know i love you" (about 3 weeks ago she said a very similar thing but in a different way "you know how i feel about you always have" again while we were out clubbing)

Im abit taken aback by this i try to ignore it move the convo on when that D1ck she was with before comes in takes her hand and they disapear. I just laughed and turned back to my freinds and girls.

I mean WTF!

I havnt text her or anything since saturday unsure of what to do.