Or do I need to?

I met some girl at the club a while back, we made out a little but she left with her friend, not me. I've been texting her, getting dirtier and dirtier, etc, but I was out of town two weeks so we didn't meet up for about a month.

I thought it was locked down with all that texting, unfortunately though she didn't sleep with me. Normally I'd think that's fine, next date it'll happen, but she explicitly talked about how she used to be a tease (and she should work on it) and seemed to get a lot of pleasure out of saying no. She came home with me and eventually got competely naked, but all the while was saying how she had to leave soon, shirt wouldn't be coming off, pants wouldn't be coming off, etc. Eventually she did leave before I could get it in.

Something in my head just thinks the balance of power is off and unless I can fix this it aint going to happen, because she's getting too much validation saying no. I'm not sure how to really turn it around though since I pretty much showed my cards and went all-in trying to fark her Sunday.

Thoughts? I've had 0 contact the last two days; I figured no contact for at least 4 days seemed like a good start. Do I just stay persistent and hope she's down or should I try to change our dynamic at this point?