Hey guys,

I met a shy HB9 at uni last month and we've been hitting it off pretty well up until now. She took my cigarettes and now I see her every day where she gives me my 'daily allowance' of 5.

It's been going pretty well the past few days, and she's thrown some IOIs:

- it's exam season when people usually come to school looking like zombies from the walking dead. She started to wear makeup and do her hair once we started flirting
- if she's in the library with her friends, and I txt her that I'm there, she comes down to see me so we can talk as well
- hair flipping, nervous fidgeting, etc

Now it's becoming a bit routine - this meet to get cigarettes thing - and I'm wondering how I can take it to the next level in our relationship. We've been on a coffee date casually, but I'd like to spend an entire evening with her.

With exams happening, I can't think of any ideas for a D2 that makes sense. I'm leaving the city right after exams, so I don't want to wait either. Do you guys have any cool ideas on:

1) another place to meet her for our cigarettes thing so that we can chat, alone
2) a low-pressure D2 idea that I can throw at her