Bare with me, this is a long post. If you can make it through it, I will be eternally grateful.

So I met this chick online, got her Facebook, skype and phone number. I've talked to her on the phone, seen her over skype and I made sure she was safe cause she dated some guy from the UC system lol. I was going to Hong Kong and I hit her up to be my tour guide and surprisingly she said yes, and that I could stay in her room that she would be moving into next month which is the building next to the one she will be currently staying in.

This isn't a normal texting game that I could use because I needed to gain her trust for me to stay in her place. She's got Asian fever and is a very shy and reserved girl (so she says), but is kind of naive and very trusting. I know it's not a good sign when she tells me everyday and obsesses about a guy she used to date that lives in California who she wants to come back to China. Friendzoned I know. But she doesn't want a boyfriend, she doesn't want to date. And she has this naive thinking that if she puts out the first night, no guy wants to call her back, so she's always asking for advice. She literally tells me about every guy she's hooked up with since I met her and although she says she's not a slut, she kind of is. She only hooks up when she's drunk and parties on the weekend. My issue is do I go for her or not. Like if it's a smart thing to do since I'm staying at her house. And I don't know if I should be bringing back girls to that apartment. All the IOIs are there, but then I don't know if it's because she's shy and doesn't want to say no. She lives 30 minutes by cab from the places she's taking me out to so I either need to sleep with a chick by the bars or hook up with my friend...I don't want to ditch her, but I also don't want to have to ride home with her if she's picking up a guy and I go home empty handed lol

I've used plenty of sexual innuendos to get me out of the friendzone but it's nearly impossible to avoid the circumstances of a random stranger staying in her place. She sends me every initial response since she wakes up later than I do so I don't even bother hitting me up until she does. She is extremely fascinated with me like a best friend, which I wouldn't mind but I was just wanna hook up with her. She told me all the sexual stuff she likes in bed. Problem is she's also from Serbia and speaks 5 languages so I'm really afraid something gets lost in translation...

Me:Well then I might haveto teach you a thing or two for your future, cause bad kissing is a turnoff
Her: That would be nice
Her: Even as a friend
Her: I don't say this to a lot of people
Her: I can't kiss sober, I'm too shy

Her: you know my deepest secrets
Her: lol
Her: imagine if tomorrow for the whole day we cant chat
Her: haha
Her: disaster
Her: have a good night
Her: i will miss you until tomorrow!

Her: I just like a little pain and guys are usually afraid to hurt me
Her: Not too weird things im way too shy for that
Me: Lol well if we hit it off at least I know the buttons to push :b
Me: I just want a girl that likes that, but you're honestly the only girl who I know who wants that....
Her: That's what I'm saying

Her: Hey what would you think of a girl that meets you and has sex the same night

She always asks me situations that is pretty slutty that she does like "We will meet and I don't want you to think that I'm a slut"....Too late

Well this is just confusing because she's genuinely a nice girl. So this is a little misleading. Like I'm a fucking girlfriend. I'm literally bf material spoon fed to her all the shit she complains about the stuff she lacks.

Her: I like you and miss you when we don't talk :]
Her: you're so funny and smart I wish you could live here
Her: We would be together all the time :]

Her: You'll have more fun here ;] people are not exclusive so everyone hooks up with everyone
Me: I'm not trying to be a slut, what would you think of me. I don't go around sleeping with any random girl.
Her: And you won't do that in my bed! LOL
Her: I mean you would be sleeping in my bed :b

At first I thought that was insinuating that I was sleeping in her actual bed with her...Until I clarified it a few days later. I was confused about the sleeping arrangements but she made it pretty clear. She's currently renting out two rooms.

Her: You will be sleeping in MY room in THEIR apartment and I will be sleeping in MY room in MY apartment

ME: Would you hold it against me for wanting to kiss you?
HER: No we said we would practice my kissing

Her:I love chatting with you! You're so interesting, I wish you were my roommate.
Me: I don't know if I could be your roommate, I'd probably want to make out with you
Her: Oh come on :b
Me: But at least the benefit would be you'd be an amazing kisser. I love talking to you, but I'm afraid we talk too much that later we won't have anything to talk about. But then again I can enjoy the silence
Her: Worth it! I never shut up and neither do you. So I'm not afraid of that happening

And she's down to do body shots....

After typing this all out I realized I've hit the friend zone. But the kissing part still baffles me. She can only kiss me when she's drunk which will most likely be every night and usually if I can get a girl to kiss me I can escalate it to other things. Problem is that since she doesn't want me to bring girls back to her place I'm kind of stuck in between ditching her to go to a girls place or chance that she won't pick up a guy when I'm there and will just hang on me. It would really piss me off going home knowing that she's going back with a guy and I'm stuck sleeping at the other apartment by myself.

Sorry for the long ass rant, I'm just trying to figure out the right thing to do.