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    Default Girl Disappears After Showing Interest Sexually

    Hey all, I am really new...

    I met this girl from POF and we went out a couple times. First time was at a coffee place and I brought some Mad-Libs to do and she loved that. Later I dropped her off and she invited me in and we watched TV and she was very touchy-feely, however I don't have sex on first dates (yea, I know lol). She always talks about all these guys she's dating, perhaps to get me jealous, but I just sat back and acted like I didn't care. I actually picked out the guys that I thought would be best to try and throw her off, and of course she found reasons to disqualify each one.

    Second date I just went to her house and we hung out. She was very touchy again and we watched a couple movies. She talked about the other dudes again and I accused her of harvesting men so that she could pick body parts of each one to make a Frankenstein monster. She thought that was very funny and we touched a lot and made out some a little later. At the end, I was walking out the door for an appointment I had and she touched my dick after we kissed and said goodbye and I said "If you would have done that about 30 minutes ago..."

    Anyhow, she seemed quite interested (although she may be a player because she talks about all these dudes she has).

    I waited a few days later to text her and she didn't answer. Now it has been a week since our date and I haven't texted her since that text a few days ago. I noticed she has not logged onto her facebook at all in the week, has not gotten on her POF profile, has not responded to text etc. I'm beginning to wonder what the hell happened lol.

    Thanks guys

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    Default Re: Girl Disappears After Showing Interest Sexually

    she does sound like a player, although she feels the need to prove to you that she's sexy because you didn't escalate in her house twice, first time fine, second time you should've manned up and atleast done something , I know it's one of those things u either want or cbf with but given the first you should be starting it, not when she grabs ur cock lol

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