Chucky is the one who always is afraid to go out of his comfort zone and is anxious and scared about whats ganna happen.

Tommy always sticks up for Chucky, helps him, saves him from trouble and is the one who always comes up with a plan and bes a leader and everyone follows him and his ideas, he thinks smart and logical.

Angelica is that manipulative bitch who in the outside looks nice and sweet to the parents but inside is such a rude bratty attention whore to the kids. She messes with the babies to get their attention.

I like seeing how they intereact with each other and I like the theme of the stories in each episode.

I also reccommend Robin Hood TV show in netflix. He is an amazing alpha male to his friends. He takes risks, protects everyone, deals with trust and loyalty and thinks logical and motivates the group.

Is there any TV shows do you recommend? I love californication. If you have any suggestions of other TV shows to watch about Alpha males let me know. I love watching Alpha males and how they deal with things.