I am a twenty years old man from Norway, that "historically" not have been that good with girls. The last 2-3 years I have felt more and more confident in general, but when it comes to girls, its been hard. But I have been working a lot to devolop my skills with woman for the last 6 months, and I am realy starting to get a lot better.
But both in general and with this specific girl I have som problems:

In general:
1. I have been eating dinner and lunch, groupworked at school, a bit dancing on partys and in general have had much fun with girls since I started to stydy 3,5 months ago. But I have problems with moving on the the next step and take them out of the "school situation", how could I more i general devolop this?

2. The last 2-3 years, and especially the last 6 months have been a revolution for me when it comes to "taking the lead" and in general be confident. As I before was passive, now i am active. But, when it comes to some differrent settings and situation, I feel realy unsecure, and I belive that I stand revealed, in these situations as unsecure towards others also. What kind of exercises can I do, and what can I say to myself in those situations to improve that? It is especially I problem when I am going to say goodbye to woman, I dont know how to do it the best way!

And the I would like to move on to this specific girl (she is a or something around that). I met her for the first time in 2,5 months ago, we are in the same association and in many of the same subjects. In the meetings in this association I have in general been secure and pretty funny also.
1.In a party 1 month ago we was dancing and having fun and after that she have been looking particularly to mye (not every time, but many times)

2. I asked her to take a common lunch (at school), and we did, that was not a good experience, I was realy uncertain.

3. The week after I accidentally met her and some friends of her at school. She asked if I wanted to join them for dinner, and I did, and the dinner went well. But it was at some og the school.

4. The last week I meet her accidentally at school, taked a bit, but then we said goodbye. I Was so angry on myself because I did not asked her out in some way, so I planned (since I the knew where she was) to talk to her before I should leave school that day, but then she was gone.
I then directly send her a message and in a funny way said something like; "I thought about you, and you would obviously need some good schoolwork one day, want to join!?" and she replied "hehe, do you belive that I just read cartoons? I do some work also!" Me:"what about meeting in ...(schoolbuilding) and 1400, then you will be able to finnish hakke hakkesprett (a cartoon)" She: "Thats fine, then I wil be able to finnish Donald Duck too!"
And it went really well, in our struggle for a place to sit down and work we was having so much fun, flirting in the library and had a really great time! It moved on in this track thru the day! But I was a bit unsecure when the time came that we should separate. We also planned to to the same today, this friday.

5. Yesterday it whas a party with this association. It was a good
day, and we had a "storrytelling round" on our best christmas memories initiated by me, I thougt that this could be really good training so I let my soul in it, and she obviosly thought it was a great storry and loved it!. Thru yesterday I observed that she was lokking on me periodically, and she laughed a lot about what I said. Two times we also laughed about this intern about Cartoons.
I was tired and did went off early, and this unsecurety about the goodby part went on again.

6: Today. We had planned to meet today, because I dont feel well to talk about our plan today in front of everybody else yesterday, and I did not isolated her we did not talked about today yesterday. Should I do that in such a situation in the future? Since today I overslept and sent her an SMS about that i did, and asked about if we schould meet 1 hour later. Then she 20 minutes later sent me an long SMS that she is going to go home to her parents for the weekend and wished me good luck with reading this weekend (We have exsam monday) and said se you over the weekend with a smiley. What may have gone wrong today? (I am pretty sure that she is going home this weekend, but my goal is that she would like it more to be with me!)

7. I have not SMSd her back today. But I have determed to go for a next step with this girl. She is a sporty girl, and we have had a lot of fun with me flirting with her as lazy and unsporty. I was thinking about doing this (my exams is the top priority untill monday, and then a new one at friday): 1. Dont SMS her back 2. Call her tomorrow bulying her with that she had to go home and then ask if shes in with going to the swimming pool after the exam.
OR should I wait untill next week to freez her out even more (the problem with this is that we have christmas hollyday after the last exam next friday and I want to make so much comfort before that so I can invite her home doing one of my christmas storys I told her yesterday with her!)

Mainly three questions:
1. How to move to the next step?
2. How to build more confident, exercices that I can do in situations, especially in goodbye situations?
3. How to move on with this girl? I now it is possible!

Damn, that was a long post! I hope someone will take the time to answer it! Thank you!