This is probably a common question, but still:
I know there are varying levels of shy girls, but one girl in particular that I'm fairly close to is quite shy (but she's so cute)... around guys (her only photo on Facebook with a guy is with me!). From my experience, being cocky and funny, teasing, etc, all works well with other women, but with her it's just not as effective. I know she likes me and has interest in me, and there's attraction, but... it's odd. She's verbally shy and a little physically shy when she comes out with me (and she always accepts my invitations unless she's genuinely busy), yet when texting she can write loads.

I don't act like a "nice guy" around her - I am not putting myself into the friend zone with her. I think shy girls need a hell of a lot more "comforting", but the problem is how do you do that without going towards the friend zone? I've heard people say you should take charge, be a man, be dominant, etc, well I am dominant but it's clear this girl needs more comfort before we can move forward. She's new to all this! Wat do?