So here is a rundown of our convo on POF (she had a pic of her at a deadmau5 show and her interests are korean soaps even though shes mexican lol)

Me: love deadmau5! You going to edc this year?

Her: no I have nobody to go with

Me: well Id invite you to tag along with us but youd be crazy to go to vegas with a bunch of strangers haha. Its gonna be so epic though!

Her: yea thats crazy

Me: so do you speak korean or do you just watch the soaps for the korean men lol

Her: I watch it for the drama.. hows vegas?

Me: hows vegas? Im sure its fine and misses me dearly, but edc is in june so im not there right now. Youve never been to vegas?

Her: yea

Needless to say im not getting anywhere here... im following most txt rules, some of my stuff is long winded but not without purpose.

Ive read the txt game guides.. im looking for direct critique on this convo.

Am I showing too much interest? Is she just a dud? Shes boring the hell out of me but every now and then the right message will bring em out of thier shell

I almost wanna walk away from this one since anything I say at this point will look tryhard...

Thanks guys!