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    Default Friend acting distant and cold

    I have this friend, we've been hanging out maybe once a month and always do spontaneous events together and have a blast doing. I told her when I first met her that I'm just looking to get to know her and have some fun, no commitments, no expectations. She says that's good, so is she.

    I decided that it wouldn't hurt to try and run a little game to see how she would react. At first, it worked pretty well, she would laugh, a lot of flirting banter back and forth. My mistake is that I never really kino escalated so nothing really sparked off. I'm not really mad at that.

    One day she acted very distant and downright being a jerk. She's a fun person, so I still do want to get to know her as a friend, whether as a potential lover, I don't really care at this point. It's been about a week since we last hung out where things didn't seem right. We didn't have as much fun being together as we used to and when I left I didn't really leave on a high note.

    I called her today after not speaking for about a week, normally she answers the phone very cheerfully, I noticed this is true for all her friends not just particularly me. It was basically like..."Hey, what do you want" type of answer. So I said, we haven't spoke for a while so I just wanted to say, hi. She said..."thats it?" Her answers were short and not very enthusiastic so I cut it short and said, well I'm gonna go, nice catching up with you.

    I wanted to dial her again sometime this week just to see if shes still in that mood with me. I was going to use a different approach with more intent and enthusiasm like I would if I were gaming her (like maybe approach using a conversational opener) and see if she warms up again, but say she doesn't bite and is still acting cold or downright bitchy I was thinking of saying like,

    "We always have good times together, but recently the vibe I get from you is pretty sh1tty. If you still want to get to know me, we can try it again when you learn to play nice."

    I know tonality and just saying it matter of factually will be important in not sounding needy or not sounding like an ass. I want to convey that I'm still down to be friends but I don't need friends like her if shes going to have an attitude.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    Default Re: Friend acting distant and cold

    Yea I'd like some advice on this too

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