Got this amazing girl I work with and have hung out with a few times I want to at least k-close in the next couple days.
She has LTR and just moved into a new place with her BF, but everytime we get talking, she disqualifies BF constantly. They seem to argue a lot, and she seems to enjoy provoking him.
Went out for dinner with her last night before she went home to BF, and the conversation tended to revolve around how she's sick of her BF. Halfway through the dinner, she asks me if I ever cheated on my exs... I said no, which is true, and she quickly said "I have... doesn't bother me..."
Before parting ways, I told her to call me if her and her BF's inevitable argument got out of hand and she needed to get some air... (she lives near my place). She said thanks, didn't call but texted me early this morning to see if I was going to be on the same subway as her.

Today, in the subway, she says: "I digested that dinner very well" (in french it doeasnt sound so weird) as she opened up her coat, moved her scarf away from her chest, looked right at me, smiled, arched her back and laughed... a few minutes later she asks me if my roommate was home yet, then she asks what kind of bed I have, and is it comfortable...hm.

Its pretty clear that she's attracted to me, body language is all there, self destroying BF, asking about my place and the bed to be found there, but I don't want to to fark this up, she told me she was quitting the job in two or three days... pretty mad, cuz it kind of ruins my plan to take my time in seducing her. I was mainly playing a push pull routine, taking my time about it. I am thinkng the LTR will inevitably end fairly soon, but I got no more time to wait... I was waiting for the rebound, but she won't be around when it happens.
Any suggestions to quickly build sexual tension, speed up the process without seeming rushed, overly interested, needy or any of those icky things? Body language tricks to build tension maybe? Quicker push pull? Anything at all???

I was thinking of starting tomorrow off with something like "If you don't stop saying how much you are sick of your boyfriend, I'm going to start thinking that I should bring you home with me after work." or (playfully sarcastically) "If your BF wasn't so extraordinary, I would bring you home with me to play a while". Any thoughts or suggestions?