I feel a little sick to stomach this morning. Had a terrible day out y'day. So I take my wing and we attempted sarging on sunday. I set it up a social experiment to check if looks do matter.Hence I kept a full fledged beard and had my hair disheveled so as to depict an unkempt appearance.

Ostensibly, the experience was terrible. I approached a couple of girls dressed in black and asked them "My friend says that I look like sorta like a terrorist with the beard. What do u guys think?"... - they said "yea u do" in all seriousness.....I found that pretty friggin' hillarious but it was also slightly offending.

The other approaches were okay.I used the standard indirect opener" I need a female opinion, what do u guys think of body art?.We did 4 more and the women responded but no IOIs.My wing used direct openers by telling the women that they were beautiful

Now, I am a tall guy - around 6'2 and this I reckon is tall for a country like India.My wing is around 6'4. Most of the women I met were around 5'6 ot 5'5. Do u think that I came across as being too intimidating?

I did approach from an angle.My wing used the direct method and had no success either. He would see a girl and then chase after , telling the target that she's beautiful...she would mouth a meek thank you or run away pondering about who this large lumbering monstrosity was.