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    Default Where are some good places to look for my type of girl?

    I think it's safe to say that not all guys are the right type for the outgoing "bar girls". And it's also safe to say that alot of just as hot or even hotter girls can be found elsewhere.

    I rarely attempt a pickup at a bar or while Im out because

    A) too many guy friends to NOT have them be scared off
    B) 99% of the time they are the typical bar hotties (my type looks wise but not personality wise)

    So my question is:

    What are some good places to look for the kind of girl I might have alot in common with (who are still hot) so as to make it easier to approach them and have conversation in general?

    Some things about me:

    Basically Im a classy, well rounded, cultured, matured, charming, confident, eccentric, hot-bodied, pale nerd.

    To elaborate a bit:

    Clean up well.
    Pale by nature (cant melanin) but with a cut body and decent looks.
    Like to workout
    like video games
    like food and cooking
    like goofy tv shows and cartoons
    Like old and underground rap
    Like to freestyle rap
    Work/college fulltime
    Good at skateboarding
    Above average (genius in the right eyes) intellect
    Extremely self-aware (which makes me outspoken, unfiltered and a little weird/eccentric at times)
    Charming to the max
    Can be shy
    Nice guy for sure but really mixed in with a bad guy im just too nice to bring that out (the type to blame a breakup all on myself and have 1million things to say out of hatred but pretend they never existed because after all, is that really how people should be treated? Is tht really anything I want to be remembered by?)

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    Default Re: Where are some good places to look for my type of girl?

    "Captain! We have a request to use HB Radar from user_Slybootsucci!"

    "Eh, do we really have to point out the obvious to him? Give him overarching themes instead"

    From what im reading, you are into hipster yet classy college women with a little bit of nerdy in them.

    Have you tried going around your college?

    How about going to a club or society that specializes in your interests? How about bookstores, coffee shops, or some geeky or classy venue?

    Really, just take a place that is stereo typically what your women would want and go there.
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