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Nah, don't ask your friend, that would make it "a whole thing" IMO. Remember on of Mystery's rules: "No matter what happens, it's no big deal."

I've been playing around recently with basically Neg-IOI's... and IO... an Neg-of-Interest... and NOI! Just thought of the name, makes me , but I digress...

Just send her a friend request. Period, the end. No message, no comments. Sending a message will come off as an attempt at rapport-building = waaay too much interest to her.

Requsting her is an IOI (it says - you seemed cool, I'd like to keep you in the outer regions of my social circle)
Not sending a message is a Neg (it says - you were cool enough to "friend" but not cool enough to spend any time talking to)

Then, later, much later, like when school starts again - if you come across something that picks up the little conversation you had:
"Oh, sh1t I forgot how bad the cafeteria food here was"
"Fuuuu***q I would almost rather have another finals week to not sit through "sylabus day"!"
"Why the he11 are you dressed as pikachu in your profile pic"

(Whatever you guys were talking about - or something on the very front of her profile)
HB: "You stalking me? xD"
PUA: "It's on your front page. Don't get cocky."

When you message or comment send very brief messages with no emoticons - as if you are writing a message to someone you really don't want to hang out with and you don't have time to talk. This is the spirit of the NOI - communicate as if you don't have time for this.

Good luck!

P.s. @Fuser: Looks like I got the activity award back for a bit xD
Haha not for long! I am going MEGA ACTIVE SOON.

Well thanks for the advice. I did just that. Sent the friend request with no message. She accepted immediately, which I took as a good thing. Anyways, she sent me a message "Hey! How are you?"

Rest is history. Kept it brief and hurried. Number closed but I still haven't messaged her. Our marks will be up shortly I can tell she's interested and she will probably open with that!

Thanks man