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Thread: How to establish High Status?

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    Default How to establish High Status?

    Recently I was at a party with my cousin Kelly. And a NHL player showed up and ended up wanting to be with my cousin, yes she is a girl, btw. When she took a photo with him and another girl, all the girls on her facebook, freaked out, saying how jealous they are of her.

    I am wondering, how do you establish high status, without being a professional athlete? Myself I work in an industry, where it is very competitive and am quite frankly getting very tired of it. I am totally burned out and not even pursuing my financial goals as I had once had.

    Right now in my life, I have been working a lot on my self, my self-image, my health, learning new languages and pickup. I am for the most part happy, but when it comes to the status department, I don't have a lot of it. My home is nice and current, and I live comfortably, and am very much at peace with myself. And seem to be getting happier as time goes on.

    But seeing those woman freak out this weekend bothers me. What to do?
    Neill Strauss once said being the "most interesting guy in the room is high status" But what else is there? Personally I get tired of doing routines, and saying the same thing over and over again. Some guys can do this, but that is not me. Even when I do the canned routines word for word, perfectly, I come of as boring, because I find the material boring. Anyways, doing routines doesn't work for me. Not only the hours taken to memorize them all too.

    Advice guys?


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    Default Re: How to establish High Status?

    I know what you mean by routines. And I don't mean canned. I mean material that's mine and only mine. Just have to try and make it fresh each time yourself. Take pride in the fact that you have your own personal material that's reliable.

    As for high status...being the most interesting guy doesn't mean that you have to be a hockey player, celebrity, etc. They get attention for 5 min. Once the star struck calms down then their personality comes through and they could be just boring.

    I never let it intimidate me. I befriend them and talk them up a little. Sometimes just smile and listen to the endless stories and knowledge they spew out to try and impress everyone. It's about poking at their emotions, not their brains....if that makes sense.

    One time I was with a woman I was dating and she had this guy friend who was in the peace core. Spoke 4 different languages and survived malaria. This guy was INTERESTING. But he wouldn't shut up. So I just let him keep talking until we were all tired then I went to bed with her that night.

    Remember it's how you make them feel, not think. Women tend to feel first and then try to rationalize later. Why else would a woman keep going back to guys that abuse her?
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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