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    Default Best places/activities to meet women with few time available

    Hi guys,

    I had a group of about 20/30 friends but a few time ago I got into a "fight" with other friend about a girl, and unfortunately he won the girl, bad stuff happened and I was rejected by most part of all my friends. The few friends that supported me are all couples who make their romantic weekends and couple stuff, so that means that right now I do not have any friends to go to parties and meet girls. So, during the last months I can consider myself a very lonely person.

    Besides that I got a new job, however my new job is from 9am to 8pm and is in a software company so that means that I only see nerdy man during my worktime. So my normal week is home-work-home-work... and during weekends I'm at home because each one of my friends is with their girlfriend in a romantic weekend..

    So I need to meet women! Any ideas?

    Joining sports team -> only man so not interesting I guess
    Dance classes or gym -> I'm very skinny and not very confident about my body (no muscles at all) and I suck at maybe not the best option...

    Help please, Cheers!

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    Default Re: Best places/activities to meet women with few time available

    always always always - build that self confidence. u must have a strong core/ego to convince a woman to begin with.

    that gym/dance/whatever workshop - go to them. if u do the gym, do ur homework and utube a routine etc... u need to find that willpower.

    it just sounds like u need to also do ur PUA homework too. i am in a similar situation with urs, because my job has me moving every 2yrs.

    what i like to do is sit at a bar and just chat to whoever is around me. u'll become buddies with the beertenders and make new friends
    1) i like to use PUA Key Chain's routine on how to speak.
    2) when people see that u r interesting they will gravitate to u
    3) and b/c ur already easy to talk to, it'll become an easy transition to chat them up also

    if u find urself sitting by urself long - u must still keep ur energy high to remain approachable until u do get the chance to chat.

    my story example
    typical night sitting at bar - frat n sirority partying it up in the background. very obvious that i am not of their tribe.
    i remain friendly and upbeat nd pretend to enjoy the college game on tv. i also engage and chat to people around me using observational.
    30 minutes in i am approached by 2x HB7 n 8 and i am able to engage in conversation with them. they then introduce me to all their friends because i am nice and friendly.

    1) believe in urself...
    2) go out to public places and keep ur energy high.
    3) keep ur mouth busy with non-targets so that u can be on point when u do get aproached.

    u will eventually make friends or at least learn that ur not in such a hole.


    ps. make sure u LOOK decent. groomed.
    pps. and when u chat to people, don't force it. it needs to come off hand and naturally.
    ppps. ask which nights are the busy nights and find which bars have love bands

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