i've been out of the game for a long time. now i'm diving back in head first. i've been out to the bars with some success, but i also want to use all angles. i think twitter might be useful as it is a good place to showcase wit.

ok, looking for advice with two different girls, in which the only way i can get a hold of them when i want to is via twitter...even though i have meet them both before in person.

girl #1: my buddies' twin sister. 24 years old. she keeps retweeting all this stuff about how hard breakups are, how much she'd like to meet someone new, how much she'd like to be cuddling or kissing at the moment. lost some weight due to stress, posts photos of how skinny she is now, 105 pounds, would be great to nail that. i direct messaged her asking her how much she lost and what she did to achieve her goal. she responded a couple days later asking "how did you notice? lol. cooled the drinking, no fast food, walking, and stress." judging from the rest of her tweets from that day she was sick in bed the whole time, so i didn't respond. gonna leave her hanging. i'm looking for advice as to what i should say when i do respond...

girl #2 late 30s, drives a mercedes, no ring, i think might have a young kid, maybe 3-4 years old. i see her in person every once in a while as she comes in the restaurant i work at. she didn't tip the other guy that always works with me, but i helped her today, put a little game on her, and she tipped me 30%. i was going to ask her how her mercedes handled the snow, because one of my ex girlfriends had the same one and whatever. that would be better in person, but i still think i could make some progress on twitter. any thoughts?