This girl that I have been friends with for about a year has recently started flirting with me more and more. When I first met her she was engaged and I had a girlfriend, I personally didn't see her as more than a friend.

Lately we have been hanging out more and she has been giving me IOI's, such as; laughing at my jokes (regardless of how bad they are), touches me in conversation, brushes up against me casually, playing with her hair, and has brought up(randomly) that she was single a few times.

Lately it seems whenever we are together she is hinting at a relationship, and I am attracted to her, but I am usually the one to initiate the conversation. While she always responds to my texts and calls, half the time my suggestions of hanging out are turned down(I mainly attribute this to her being a single mother).

I have been dating a few girls, but I am mostly interested in her.

Should I go for it?

Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated!