Im tryed using text your ex back and it failed in july. I dated her for 6 months about a year ago , so we have dated hooked up off and on for the past year, she fights me then wont talk or see me for a month shes done that 3 times the past 9 months. my ex is engaged now as of july , but says she thinks about me all the time but is afraid to call, but she said shes going to regret it, i had her say to my friend , does he think i love him, what does that mean ? Furthermore we got in a big blow out a week ago , she saying its done and she never wants to see me again. I also had her tell me that we meet at the wrong time, shes always texts my female friend asking about me or bitching about me , yesterday, my ex asked her how am i doing and am i talking obout her and did i forget about her, in june she said she loves me wants to be with me have kids, but im pretty sure shes a sociopath so not sure what to do