Hey guys,

So I've been talking with this chick, that I've ready banged. I answered her phone call in mid sleep definitely wasn't on my game, think I acted pretty beta, asked her some dumb questions and what not. But I'm pretty sure I told her I'd call her on Friday to set up our Saturday date, and she was cool with that! Below is our conversation leading up to the phone call

Me: Haha nice! I'm going to be hanging out Saturday grabbin some drinks, wanna join?
Her: Sounds enticing. My gf from Atl is suppose to be coming in town... Was suppose to have booked her flight today but I'm not sure yet. "flaky" ...keep u posted.*

Me: That's sounds awesome if she doesnt 'flake' let me know. Ill be with my buddy. Is she single?
Her: So only call if she doesnt flake huh*
Me: Haha. I'm into that group thing
Her: Sure, Noted.*

Then I called to a kid confusion, called me back while I was asleep answered. So my question is, any suggestions to tell if I'm still good to go? Should I send a text? Let me know