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    Default I smell attraction in the air! any advice for making a relationship?

    there's this group of girls, 2 in-front of me and 1 that sits beside me. Ive definitely worked on giving the right body language and they seem very open to me. (one was taking pictures with me, but not the girl i want a relationship with) so i feel proud getting where i am now and where i was beginning of the semester..(other side of the class sitting next to some smelly guy..) I want to hook up with this girl that sits usually beside or across of me. we are already working on an assignment together, the project being released 3 days ago, we haven't started it. i want to build an emotional connection with this girl.

    I was thinking of giving her my nice necklace routine saying the ''Here, this is very special to me and i want you to hold onto it, i want it back though next time we see each other...'' kind of thing (though seeing her everyday in class kind of ruins the whole keepsake idea...) i was thinking of last day of class before winder brake begins i would give it to her then. that way if we don't see each other over the winter brake she will still think of me.

    I want make a move before the winter brake at least a K close and that gives me six days to work with... i know she has a spare in the morning but she usually goes to the cafeteria and is with a group of 10 people 3 of which i know.

    A reply would be nice!

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    Default Re: I smell attraction in the air! any advice for making a relationship?

    i firmly believe letting a girl know where u stand with her. u will regret the friend zone.!

    for what u want to do:
    1) firm - fun - polite - use PUA
    2) then let her know ur interested and would want to continue this fun over activity/date
    3) if she rejects - continue with #1
    4) if she mentions friendzone - remind her ur not for that - but u value her company if she chooses not accept u. let her know u have a great time with her and want to explore that.

    for what i like to do:
    1) i always hint sexually but do not directly say XXX stuff
    2) neg her if she responds in kind and swear to not understand why she's so naughty

    i like to keep many girls sexually charged this way - as they will work towards laying u... just a matter of keeping ur PUA strong and waiting for them to bend to u.


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