we all seen the worst-of thread, now we need a place to share/brag about our best nights.

share about your smoothest pickup. a night where everything went according to plan, or one just fell in your lap. i wanna hear how these broads completely fell in love with your a$$. i'll start-

Scene-Halloween 2008.A party in south Arkansas. Whole mess o' ladies.

i was dressed as Bill Cosby and drunk on jello shots. i see a group of tail huddled together being all hot and anti-social. the hottest tells her friend 'im dressed as goldilocks attacked by the 3 bears.'

i found my opener.

i walk up and push my way into the circle. 'hey girls. ima guess yall's costumes. sexy nurse.sexy witch.kind of attractive bee. and you...goldilocks attacked by the 3 bears?' her eyes lit up like Christmas morning. she goes on about how no one else got it blah blah. i tell her we should celebrate having the best costumes with shots. she grabs 2 and we link arms and down em (linked arm shots is a killer move, btw). she has ridiculously blond hair and i comment on how it looks is probly all busted from how many times she dyed it. she denies it and i grab and pull it to check. she says 'watch out you might turn me on' and i say 'oh i wouldnt want that' and wink at her. i bounce to play pong and we shoot fuck me eyes back and forth.i nod towards the garage and she follows me in there. i go in for the kill and she cheeks me sayin 'boy you aint earned that yet' to which i reply 'i think you aint earned it yet, darlin'. she smirks and goes on about how i think im so smooth and i pretend not to listen. i tell her to get on outta here and she refuses, blocking the garage door so i cant leave. i chase her out the door and when everyone looks i shout 'SHE TRIED TO RAPE ME'.

im outside smoking and guess who comes outside? she gets close and wraps her arms around my neck. i say 'shotgun?' (blowing smoke from my mouth into her, for those who didnt know) and she obliges. heres where the magic happens:

goldilocks- can we do that again?

me- im outta smokes

GL(smiling)- thats ok


we make out while her friends cheer. i got reallllly drunk after that and all i remember is looking up, being in her car with her hand down my pants. some baller ass teleporting. ended up nailing that chick whenever i was in her neck of the woods. truly a perfect pickup.

please share your best nights. it warms my mick heart to hear when the community bros use they skills.