Hey guys

Not sure if i should post this in this section or the general advice but need some feedback. Earlier this year i went a bit crazy online and joined every dating website possible and acquired well over 300 phone numbers and probably about 200 new facebook friends just from online sarging.

I couldnt keep up and ended up just pushing it aside and had a few other things crop up such as moving house, finding a new job etc to keep me occupied anyways.

But my question now is what should i do with all these numbers and facebook friends? One mate suggested sending out a message saying "wanna f#$k" to all of them and culling the ones that dont respond (which would probably be most of them im guessing). Or should i just start at "A" and start trying to work my way through them all?

No doubt some have got boyfriends, changed their number or just lost interest in that time as well, but i would really love and appreciate some advice on what to do here. I was half considering just deleting neaerly all of them and focusing on real life sarging but at the same time i dont know if its a good idea to just waste potential good "leads".

Thoughts and suggestions please