Here is what happened... I know I messed up, just need some help/advice.

There was a group of girls on the dance floor, and I was at a table close by with some acquaintances. The HB of the group (also the alpha female) craved attention, but was very defensive, as the club was mostly guys and they were from india...

So when she was standing by the bar, trying to get the bar tenders attention, i just walked up behind her and ordered my drink (bar tender knows me), and she turned around and was like WTF!! So I said, "sorry, let me get you one too. what would you like?"
HB: what are you some kind of magician?
ME: not a magician, but I suppose I know a few tricks...
HB: Oh yeah, show me one!
ME: okay, (showed her, some random trick)

HB, then gets her friends around, and say show them the trick!!

ME: no, a good magician will never do the same trick twice, (i turn around and take my drink) so what were you having?
HB: just water
ME: seriously?? You guys look like you are having a big party, so what's with the water?
HB: I will have a drink later
ME: okay, (order water)

in the meantime, her friend comes over and says, "hey i don't know you, but is my makeup running, please tell me honestly, I am too shy to ask anyone else, and they will probably not tell me the truth..."

So I looked, and I said, I am really sorry to tell you but yet it is, just a little...

She gets totally offended and goes and complains to her friends and leaves!! All of them leave, looking at me disapprovingly!!

I thought, I would tell her the truth, and that it would build some trust, perhaps even lower some of the barriers etc. but what a back fire!!

I then apologized to HB, and she was like "don't worry about it, you will never see us again anyway... - bye"

Did i do something THAT wrong? Should I have told the girl her makeup was fine, or was my whole approach to this wrong all together?