Hey guys,

I need your opinion on something. I recently started working in a big company, and after a few weeks I got interested in an older woman than me. I'm in my early twenties and she is in her late twenties, 27-29. I have an average experience with women, used to date a lot but only with women at my age or a few years younger. I don't know how to approach her or if she would be interested at all in a younger guy, I caught her glancing at me several times but when she was caught she didn't maintain eye contact and glanced away almost instantly. Also we often met in bathroom or in the lounge room but never talked, and now it seemed that she avoid to be in the same room with me lately. Additionally, she was the only woman in the office (around 30+ women) that had never spoken to me, not even a 'goodmorning' or 'hi'.
That was until a week ago. There was a company event and we happened to sit next to each other. After some time passed she turned to me and she starting asking questions about me, and mentioned that she already knows my name. I looked in her eyes when I answered in calm and deep voice and her pupils were dilated, which is a sign of interest as far as I know. She touched me a few times accidentally while moving her body around the table and she said she was sorry a few times, I acted indifferent and just nodded my head. After we left we were both in a group of people returning home using the subway, she asked me were I live and how I'm going to return home.

While in the subway, I stood in the on side of it while she stood on the other with a bunch of unknown people and people from work between us. When the our colleagues left she turned her back to me (many meters separated us) and stood beside the door of the wagon.

Since then we've just only said hi to each other a couple of times at work.

So , what do you say? Is it possible that she is attracted to me? Because I'm kinda getting all kinds of mixed signals here. Was she just polite and friendly or she may be interested? And if she may, how should I proceed from here?

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any answers.