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    Default Girl was interested but now flakey

    Sup guys

    Been away from game for a while (so long that my points have been taken away) but I'm planning on hitting it hard from now! My problem is with this hb9 iv been trying to game. I know her through a friend and she new that I'm an amateur climber and asked if I could take her some time as she wants to get toned. Iv taken her twice and was getting on really well then it all went quiet.

    Iv spoke to her here and there and she comments on my fb statuses now and again but seams like the interest has gone. I picked her and her cousin (hb8) up from town the other night as I was there anyway buy now feel like a bit of a mug for doing so.

    There is also my mate i climb with who is ripped as fark and great with girls who's now friends with her on fb and I think he maybe getting in there too, which if he is I have no chance. (But I may just be a little paranoid)

    So I need to now how to spark thing up again without seaming desperate. Any help would be great.
    "Begin to be now, what will be hereafter!"

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    Default Re: Girl was interested but now flakey


    1) don't over try to figure out her situation/brain :: don't guess where u stand with her
    2) if u did - don't feel she owed u something for the work u put in

    1) ur hot friend is not ur problem
    2) sensing u r losing her is not ur problem

    try redirecting ur thoughts like this
    1) i AM the man... that guy may look better, but i have better GAME
    2) don't worry too much abt losing her - u cannot come to her needy

    work on ur EGO/inner game. use ur PUA knowledge to bring u success and regain ur confidence.

    how has it gone so far since this post.?


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