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    Default NEED HELP GUYS! Been working on this for a year.


    Here's the thing, i'm a 27 year old guy & a year ago (nov 2011) I met a 22 year old girl in college that I developed feelings for. At the time we met we got along great. There was good game in my conversation, and then I got her number before Xmas break. I texted her and she texted me back frequently to chat and say hey, then her and her best friend agreed eagerly to hang out with me. I was very hopeful. Sadly, however, I noticed that she began a relationship during the break and I felt completely devastated.

    I saw her around a couple times early this year in Spring Semester, including once at a dance where we danced & talked together and had fun. Everytime I saw her I was non-needy and used solid game even though I knew she had a boyfriend. After that though I didn't see her for a very long time. A friend of mine had noticed on Facebook that she had become single in April which was a relief to me, even though I hadn't contacted her in awhile. This October I saw her for the first time in 9 months, I ran into her downtown, said hello and took a fun photo session with her on my phone, to which her friends joined as well. That phone photo game worked to my advantage later on down the road, I posted it on Facebook and tagged us as "bros" which made it more comfortable for her to hang out.

    From this point on, I saw her around downtown more often, we kept contact every so often and she began inviting me out once a week, and then twice a week up until the last couple of days. It was amazing, and it made it even better that almost every time she was the one texting me first to hang out. We basically started getting along really well. We would meet each other out, we would talk and her and her best friend would laugh at my stupid jokes, and the girl I like would playfully hit me and act goofy with me and stuff.

    Then, this last Wednesday her and her best friend invited me out with her friends to go dancing at this bar downtown. I was happy, and we had drinks and danced. It was cool too because her friends liked me a lot and danced with me as well, which showed that they at least accepted me as appropriate. So while i'm dancing with the girl I like, she takes the initiative to grab my hand and holds it in hers multiple times while placing her body against mine, clearly showing an interest. So after this continues, I decide to kiss her when she is facing me. I kiss her in a sweet way and she reciprocates the kiss nicely. This moment was very awesome to me. We soon after leave with her and her friends and she takes me to her place to spend the night. Her friends point me to her room and I go inside and kiss her on her bed. She takes her top off and we make out, I begin to pull of her pants instinctively, but she doesnt want to have sex. I immediately respect that and pull them back up for her telling her that i'm okay with that. We stay up for about 30 minutes talking and spooning & everything is going great. In the morning, there is absolutely no awkwardness whatsoever. We have conversation and she gives me a ride to my car. On the way I mention what her friends said the night before about going out again tonight, and I say that if she feels like hanging out to hit me up. I don't act needy in any way, even though I truly am ecstatic to have had this night with her, so I keep conversation casual and fun. So when I leave I kiss her twice, but for some reason the way I said goodbye was way too friendly. I immediately regretted that.

    She texts me later to say that shes just going out to have a couple beers at a nearby bar. I say to hit me up when shes leaving and i'll come join. I feel bad because it seemed like to me I invited myself out, even though she reciprocated and told me they were there. But its also cool because this is the place where I work so everyone knows me, making it less awkward. So I get there, and its her, her best friend, and one of their best guy friends. The only place to sit is near her best friend, so I do. When I sit I have to be honest, everything is pretty awkward for about 15 minutes. Not much is being said. After time passes, however, the guy friend leaves, and its just me and the two girls. At this point, everything slowly becomes cool, we all talk, joke, and reminisce about the night before. We all three even joke about me and the girl I like hooking up, which makes the whole situation more comfortable. I make playful jokes about her snoring and curling up in her bed, which throws them both into a laughing fit, and has her playfully saying she hates me. Her best friend jokes with me also. Its basically going really well. But it seems that we're all maybe on a friendship level with it though which I can't tell is a good sign or not. Hard to tell though, we all three seemed unsure of how to establish what exactly was going on with me and the girl. Like a friends with benefits thing. Her best friend actually calls us friends with benefits playfully during our conversation at the table. So we leave after about an hour, and on the way out I hug her best friend and simply hug the girl I like. As i'm walking away her best friend is like "Hey come hang out day after tomorrow".. to which I tell them to simply text me about it later.

    So, that day comes around and the girl I like texts me, and says that instead they are just going to have a girls night out since its her best friends last day in our city, which is true she was moving away the next day for good. I was really sad because I felt like this night was my chance to kill any awkwardness, and say something meaningful to the girl I like. She herself would be going home for the break for a couple weeks two days after. I ended up messaging her best friend (whom i'm also friends with) over Facebook the day after regarding her leaving the city that day, saying "hey buddy its been fun hanging out. travel safe and keep up the good work with your job" to which she replied back later in a huge amount of "thank yous" and "miss yous" and calling me "awesome" etc which made me feel good and showed me that she approved of me as the girl's friend. After this it had been two days since the girl I like texted me about not getting together that night, & on my Facebook news feed I saw shes going home so I texted her "its been fun hangin lately, drive safe!" and she immediately texted back saying "fo sho have a nice break!".

    I think she likes me because shes always texted me first, and a couple times before we hooked up she would text me after we hung out. I've always made sure shes not been pressured & now I don't know what to do. I have strong feelings for this girl, and I may be overanalyzing but i'm scared in our last meeting that i've done something wrong. I don't want to lose her like I did last year. She just left for break so I can't see her for a couple weeks. I really need your help guys..what do you think? Should I text her while shes home on Christmas Break? When school starts? If so any advice on how to go about it?

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    Default Re: NEED HELP GUYS! Been working on this for a year.

    Your post is way too long. The only reason I read the thing is because I'm bored as shit at work.

    But no I wouldn't text her, and I wouldn't sweat it either. If she texted you initially before she will do it again. Vaca just started. Also dont over analyze the last meeting, I used to always do that now I just don't give a shit what I did. You can't change it now.

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