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Thread: How do I start? (at the bottom of the pit)

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    Default How do I start? (at the bottom of the pit)

    I was clinical depress for 8 years, during this time I had been only in two short and painful relationship which made my depression worse, and for the last 4 years I was alone and I isolated myself avoid any kind of social interaction.
    Last may I receive a friendís daughter at my place for few months, and we had a relationship which ends badly. The good news is I realize I was at the bottom of the pit. I can only go dipper if I start to dig.
    I decide to change my life. I change my psychologist and now I am taking dance and ceramics class. Its help me with my depression and to see some issues I have to work on. I am still felling lost, to many things to do and not enough energy to do any.

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    Default Re: How do I start? (at the bottom of the pit)

    i would highly recomend you start an excersize regiment. start jogging everyday. you will build your stanima up and it will cause you to have more energy. also some anti-depressants (like adoral) actualy cause you to have less energy. the less meds your on the better you will feel.

    but ultimately you have to kill your depression at the root.
    your problem is that you care way too much about what girls think about you, and you have allowed your poor success with wemon to dictate the meaning of your life.

    you shouldn't need girls in your life to feel good about yourself. no girl is more important than your happiness and well-being.

    you are more important than any girl you will ever meet.

    btw taking up hobbies is a great way to help with the depression. any hobbie that gives you a sense of winning will help significantly.
    for now focus on battling your depression, don't go after girls till you feel good about yourself and feel in control of your life.

    best of luck

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    Default Re: How do I start? (at the bottom of the pit)

    I will also add that Isolating yourself when you're depressed is indeed the natural reflex.

    But you must fight it. Because when you're alone, the only thing that's left for you to do is to think only about yourself and feel sorry for yourself.

    That is NOT a good idea. It is counter-productive if you really want to get out of that state.

    Get out, go have a coffee with a friend or two. Force yourself out of your cocoon. It is only by going through social interactions that you will get better socially.

    I went through my share of depressions (2 major ones during my 20s). The second one was more severe than the first one, but I already knew what I had to do to get out of it, so I started to act quicker. I had anti-depressant prescriptions, and sleeping pills, but I didn't even take them all (I never liked meds, anyway.). Because I knew that just by getting more active, doing some exercising, making sure I'd see my best friends a couple times a week and getting back to my hobbies would do me good.

    For me, my main hobbies are: Drawing, which helps me get what's on my mind out; playing piano, something else that allows me to exteriorize my emotions; and finally of course, weight lifting, which creates endorphin, and helps fight the depression state.

    Something else that really helps to overcome depression and to get to know yourself better, is to write about yourself and what you feel, as many times a week as you can. Every day if you can. After a while, you'd be surprised what you'd find when you re-read yourself, weeks later.

    I hope you get better soon. Trust me, you're much better than you think. Trust yourself, and learn to know yourself.

    Realise that you are the most important person in your life and act accordingly! Take good care of yourself. People won't do it for you. They, too, have themselves to look after. ^_-

    Cheer up! You're worth it!

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