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    Default Texting w/ HB10 regarding meetup

    I randomly bumped into an HB10 outside of a bar. I didn't even notice what she looked like. Her and her friend walk into a bar and then walk out within 10 seconds. I said, "That bar really sucks, right?", they laughed and started talking with my friend and I. Conversation flowed well. She was intelligent, driven, not interested in drinking like a fish, and carried herself with class. Great girl as far as I see. We got into how she's a personal trainer and hates the winters around NYC. I said I have to be in NYC for business, which lead into talking about how I'm a musician. I showed them a few youtube videos and they ate it up. Her friend appeared interested in me and started to ask how she can find out if I am performing. I told her I can take "somebody's number" and kept my body positioned toward the HB10 and she quickly said she'd give me her number.

    I text her 2 days later on Mon and I don't get a response. I know she owns a small gym and is very busy or could've not recognized my #. So I texted again today (Wed) and referenced a joke from that night and just said "hope you're having a great day". No invite out or anything. She texted back pretty quick that she is well and sorry she was really busy (it's xmas season too). So I said no worries and there are lots of great shows going on tomorrow and this wkend, it would be fun. She said tomorrow is possible. I told her when and where. She texted later tonight that tomorrow doesn't work but she'll let me know if something changes.

    She did text me back pretty quickly today, apologized she didn't get back before, seemed interested in going out, and let me know quickly instead of flaking that she couldn't do tomorrow. She didn't offer an alternate date but did say she may become available so I know she isn't shutting me out. I feel pretty confident here but what do you feel is the best play? Text back tonight, tomorrow, or sit on it till after tomorrow? What would you text her? Should I just say "ok", offer an alternate day, etc.


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    Default Re: Texting w/ HB10 regarding meetup

    Nice job so far homie. I don't feel qualified to give much advice but you should be proud of where you've gotten so far with a super hottie.

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