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    Default She is getting oneitis...Help

    So I've been seeing this girl for a month or so. I've made it clear to her that I'm not looking for anything exclusive right now and i am talking to other girls but she seems dead set on changing my mind.

    She is fun to hang out with for the most part but will sometimes constantly bombard me with questions like "So how many girls are u talking to?" "Where were you last night, what were u doing?" "How many dates with other girls have you gone on?" I do my best to avoid the subject of other girls and just try and focus my attention on her when we're together.

    She is pretty clingy and will try to make plans almost every night (which obviously I can't do) I will say "I can't tonight, busy." Then she will ask what I'm doing that I can't hang out. Do I have another date? What do you guys say when u get these questions? Are you THAT honest and tell someone u have another date?

    I've been honest and upfront with her the whole time and i have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. This question is for the experts who see multiple girls as this is the first time I've seen more than one at the same time. So this is a unique dynamic for me to deal with.

    Is there a thread or a guide someone can refer me to that deals specifically with this situation? How do you guys deal when a girl is asking you about the other girls in your life? I know this is a good problem to have I guess, but I'm always trying to learn. Thanks

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