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    Question Make her stay and do the first move?

    Hi. There's this girl i really like to be my girlfriend. We meet again last two weeks in a club where me and my friends hang out. I talked to her and dance with her and got her number. The day after, me and my friends went to play billiards and they asked her to come, so she went. While, i'm waiting for the other player to cue, she put his arm around my shoulder, i'm guessing she likes me but as a friend because she is like that with my other friends. After playing, my buddy asked us if we would like to drink in his house, we said yes. After being tipsy and all, i accompanied her to the restroom, we kissed, twice. So i was thinking yes she likes me, i drove her home with my friend her in the front passenger seat and kissed again this time she was awkward because our friend is there. The sun came out and i drove her home and she hugged me as if she really like what we did. The confusing part, we hung out the next friday and she was pushing me as if i did something wrong.

    I told her that i'm sorry and i would not do that if i didn't like her, she reacted bad so i said not like as in like, only like. Then, i couldn't bare that she is angry at me so i asked her out day after. I called her 10am in the evening and said we need to talk and lets just hang out the two of us. She said yes. So we went some place where it was only the two of us and couple of people. We hold each others hand and hugged each other. She told me that i should respect her, so i said yes. It was 7 days straight we're together just the two of us, until day5 she wouldn't let me hold her hands but a little bit of force she held my hand. She was talking about her ex, the guys she dumped. But i'm getting some IOIs like she waves her hair, not letting go of my hand at times, hugging me at times.

    I would really like her to make her stay and do the first move again. Please help me!

    Our other friends doesn't know we're going out together because she doesn't want to let them know.

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    Default Re: Make her stay and do the first move?

    how do u like to do ur game.?

    friendly nice guy

    anything goes.?

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