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    Default Ice-skating date a good idea?

    Hi guys,
    Here's just a bit of background - The other week I made out with a girl I met at this club and we chatted for a fair while, but I didn't end up going home with her because she was going back to her friend's place, blah blah whatever I wasn't really too fussed because I like this chick so I don't mind playing the long game. Anyway, I texted her a couple of days later and no respone. She rang me a few days after and it turned out she got a new number and she still seemed keen to hang out. She's Canadian and ice skates so I was going to suggest we have a skate at a rink in town. There's no snow where I live so I can't skate, but I've always wanted to try. Is this a bad idea if she's a good skater and I don't know shit? Am I over thinking this?

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    Default Re: Ice-skating date a good idea?

    I think you're overthinking it. Ice skating is an awesome date, anything active always is.

    My suggestion? Go to a rink sometime between now and the date. Put on some skates and try, so you don't fall flat on your ass. But when you go with her, tell her its your first time ever still and she'll need to help you. (A little lie like this is ok, it's innoculous and helps the flirting and fun)

    Do you rollerblade where you are? If you do or can practice that way you'll be good too. It's 90% the same
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