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Thread: Lying- Immoral, or Who Gives a Sh!t?

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    Default Lying- Immoral, or Who Gives a Sh!t?

    I see a lot of experts around the forums saying you should never lie to women or be dishonest in any way. I disagree to some extent because like everyone on here, i have been lied to repeatedly by the ladies. Adding a little to a story to make it more interesting is one thing, but I'm talking big stuff.

    Like dropping the L bomb.

    Man, i dropped that word a ridiculous amount when i was younger to smash some and never really felt bad about it. My d-bag brain justified it by sayin 'hey its just a word. they stupid for taking it seriously'.

    Being older now makes you think more cause that kinda thing makes the broads lose it, but I'm curious to see what the community thinks. I have pretty solid natural game but don't know a lot about the pickup process, so I'm wondering if there is like do's and dont's in the PU world. Maybe a dark side to pickup where dudes just run round reckless like Beyond Thunderdome, leaving tear stained trails.

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    Default Re: Lying- Immoral, or Who Gives a Sh!t?

    I'm pretty young myself, but I still think there should be limits to what you can and can't do as a PUA. Personally, I don't agree with dropping lies like that because that's not what PUA is all about. You can't just be out there for yourself, you know?

    Respect is a big thing and it transcends to all aspects of life in general. Difference between a PUA and a d-bag - respect. Although it's almost a surefire way to smash, it's like a hit below the belt. Just because you can, doesn't mean you shouldn't, you know?

    My two cents.
    Always leave her better than you found her.

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