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    Angry Looking for advice to recover from a really bad date


    Alright guys I'm not gonna lie to you here, I've reached the point of humiliation where I told myself, "I'm terrible with women, and I need help." I'm a loser in high school about to graduate with really strict parents who never let me have a social life, but I had the internet to help me out a bit and now, I'm coming to the masters in hope of trying to redeem the years of my lost social interactions with women.

    I just need judgement of some true PUA's out there. Since I know that I can't be truly evaluated unless I put up all the details, I'll put up everything I can remember. I'll try and keep it to the point, so here's what happened.

    I can never really get into the serious attraction level that I've been trying to master for so long.

    Last friday I went on a date with a beautiful girl from my town, which is really a dump and I mean a dead dump, and I live in California (go figure). So it's really hard to find likeable women here that aren't rude or snobby. It was a girl I'd met on Facebook and we agreed on seeing each other at the mall on Friday to watch Monsters Inc. She's the nerdy, gamer type of girl which I love dearly.

    Little did I realize that it would probably be one of the worst dates I've had in a long time.

    When I first saw her, She was a 6.5, maybe a 7, but she had amazing curves...which make it or break it for me. I knew she was the kind of girl that loved getting intimate and sexual, but I just didn't know how to get that side out from her. She was really easy and fun to talk to, but she was so awkward to try and have fun with. I don't blame her. I blame myself. Something inside me was holding me back, something I did or said just didn't make her want to rip my clothes off.

    Through the beginning of the date, I already knew I messed up. We were waiting in line at starbucks. I asked her if she wanted anything, insisted once or twice, she said no either way. We had small talk during the line, she asked me in the line really quickly as if in a "I hope he doesn't hear me, but I hope he does" kinda way; if I wanted to have sex. I probably could've played off that, but I pretended to be dumbfounded and thought I heard something else.

    After I ordered my coffee, we went to look for a place to sit (It's around xmas time so the mall is pretty packed.) There was a table there and the first thing I said was "Hey look... a table... and chairs"

    Mistake #1
    Hey look
    A table...
    ... and chairs...
    I was already facepalming myself in my mind

    I didn't offer to pull her chair out or anything chivalrous and we had smalltalk (This is pretty much our date small talk in general)

    Myself: "You ever done people watching?"
    Her: "No whats that?"
    Myself: "It's where you look at people and make fun of their most obnoxious features. It's fun."
    Her: "No I don't wanna do that because then I think people are watching me and making fun of me"
    Myself: "You're not very fun are you?"
    Her: "Nope."
    Myself: "Why are so many people here today?"
    Her: "Gee idk why do you think so many people are here today?"
    (She was the type of weird girl, so I came up with a weird answer)
    Myself: "Who knows, maybe they're all terrorists who wanna blow us up?"
    Her: "What if I had a bomb on me and I wanted to blow up?"

    I probably could've come up with something witty here, but nothing came to mind at the moment.

    Myself: "What if I was a decoy?"
    Her: "I'd be sad to have to blow up for nothing"
    Myself: "I'm sorry you can't blow up with the satisfaction of you not killing the real me"

    She giggled, so I guess that's a good sign.

    While we were walking around doing small talk she said

    Her: "You're really ackward aren't you?"
    Me: "What makes you say that?"
    Her: "You're just an ackward person to be around"
    Me: "So?"
    Her: "Haha. It's okay. Being ackward is better than being an asshole"

    I could already tell I was screwing everything up.

    I got my coffee and we had some stupid chitchat about ear gauges so we went to a store and went to look at some. I did a serious "Dont" by following her like a needy puppy after she'd wander off in the store.

    After looking at gauges, we walked around and she said
    Her: "You don't really care do you?"
    Me: "Whadya mean?"
    Her: "You have that tone in your voice that says 'I don't care about anything"
    Me: "You could say that"

    We were around 15 minutes early so went to the movie theaters arcade.

    I tried to play air hockey with her and she just wouldn't play along. It was like trying to play catch with a cactus. I tried racing, shooter, Pacman, nothin. Dead boring. This was with a girl who's really into video games btw so I was really dumbfounded by it.

    Eventually we went into the theater and it went a bit smoother,. I stretched my arm around her and she immediately threw herself on me as if we were on the couch at home watching a movie" I took it as an IOI so I decided to work off it.

    As we were watching the movie, I did the whole "Poke around her legs" routine. She playfully poked back around throughout the whole movie but I knew she was getting intimate.

    I played around under her shirt, not at the breasts not yet, and she let me even though my hands were freezing. I eventually played my way up to her breasts when my hands were warmer and poked at them for a bit, but the first time I actually tried to grab ended up in her moving my hand back to her thigh"

    45 minutes in I eventually told myself "Go in for the kiss you coward!" Problem was, she was in a really awkward position and I had to stretch out my neck like a giraffe. I said "hey" reached out my neck, but I couldn't reach her lips and kissed her on the cheek. She laughed as in a "Pfft" sorta way. I probably could have kissed her on the lips if I really wanted to, tell her to come closer, reposition her a bit, anything really, but I pussied out.

    She started to bite my finger, so I tried to redeem myself by biting her on her neck. She laughed a "Pfft laugh again".

    It went well at first, but then I farked up by biting too hard in a certain spot on accident and it killed the mood. She continued to bite my finger afterwards, but I'd just told myself to quit trying and just watch the rest of the painful movie.

    I knew it was bad. I had to catch the last bus home at around 7:50 and she was particularly clingy towards the end. I knew inside she wanted a kiss, but I was a pussy, overthought it, and didn't do it. My last words to her were "I had fun"...

    Her: "...I did too"

    Dammit all. I should've just asked her if we could hopefully see each other again sometime.

    That's it guys. If you're still reading, thank you and sorry for making you have to read all that. I really want to improve myself for the better here... I'm tired of being a chump like this. Any improvement would help

    Any help. Really.
    How to make her laugh
    Make her stand in awe
    Make her jaw drop

    Bonus points for anyone willing to give advice on how to have a second date with her.

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    Default Re: Looking for advice to recover from a really bad date

    You can try some of those to get her to meet up again.

    It doesn't look like you did as bad as you say you did. She's into you from what I've read. Work on your inner game. There are a bunch of threads on here that can help with that. Confidence is key - you have everything else laid out for you on a silver platter. Go for it.
    Always leave her better than you found her.

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